Title: Fast Wow Gold Farming 5.4 and windwool cloth farming

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Fast Wow Gold Farming 5.4 and windwool cloth farming


5.4 comes out in several weeks, and I put together some information on what's going to happen and where/how to get your new recipes as well as what's changing.  I spent quite a few hours this weekend on the PTR, so everything in this post should be current as of the latest PTR build. Battle pets have always been a great way to make wow gold. A level 1 pet listed in the auction house does not however seem very convincing, so it should be leveled to 20-25 first. The last method I posted was mainly for farming wild pets. However, this couple is superior when you want to tackle other pet trainers and get even 10 levels per win! I'll post more pet gold making tips next, so you'll get some ideas on what to level!


Everyone likes food. Be it a raider, farmer or a person who is still leveling up. Not only is Cooking incredibly fast and cheap to level up now, but there is also a lot of profit when making useful stat food, even if you don't farm the ingredients yourself. Here's a quick tip on how to make some easy wow gold without farming or big investments, especially if you already know how to cook!


The Golden Lotus is a Pandaren faction that watches over the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, having kept its doors closed for thousands of years. Recent developments (Mogu invasion, Sha manifestations, and arrival of the Alliance and the Horde) have forced the Golden Lotus to reopen the gates of the Vale in order to seek outside help. Every so often, I get asked something to the effect of "What's the fastest way to get 10,000 gold?" It's usually asked by someone who is perpetually windwool cloth in game and is looking to get a BoE or some other sort of reward that costs gold. The fastest way for me to get 10,000 gold is to log in and check my mail. My daily haul is many times that and scales based on how much time I have to craft, list, and relist. This isn't a useful answer to someone who lives paycheck to paycheck, though. So what advice would be helpful?


After reaching level 90, you will be able to increase your reputation with the Golden Lotus by doing daily quests in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, during which you will help the Pandaren in their struggle against the Mogu invasion. In this guide, we will detail the daily quests and explain how to obtain all the related achievements.


I'm not sure there's an especially great place for windwool cloth farming. Obviously the better spots would be the lower-end 90 content (Golden Lotus dailies) because it'll get easier and easier to burn through those Mogu. But really, if you're doing dailies anyway, you'll accumulate plenty, and in that same time you'll be earning more gold per hour to just buy the cloth than I can imagine farming it would be worth. There are tehese spirte guys that spawn above the village in the Vale for a Golden Lotus daily. I farm them for skyshards. They drop cloth decently. Best bet imo is to plat windsheer cactus seeds on your farm. like 5-6 bolts and 3-4 stacks of cloth a day just from that.

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