Title: Fastest way to farm honor 5.4 and fastest gold farming spots 5.3

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Fastest way to farm honor 5.4 and fastest gold farming spots 5.3


If you don't often visit the PvP battleground Alterac Valley, then you may not know what I'm talking about. But AV seems to be the best place for people to go and collect honor points while safely sitting AFK in at the battleground's starting point. Why Alterac? Well, Alterac offers great honor returns for anyone -- and most of the honor is given out zone-wide, regardless of whether you're near the rest of a group when an objective is captured or a boss is killed. It's just too easy to collect large amounts of honor by just sitting around without doing anything -- much to the chagrin of players who are out there fighting and trying to win the battleground.


The fastest way to earn Justice Points is by running dungeons (particularly Heroic dungeons), but they can be earned through Scenarios and even converted from Honor points if you prefer (though you’re probably better off just buying the Honor gear . . . more on that later). Once you’ve got some Justice Points saved up, head off to the quartermaster at Niuzao Temple in Townlong Steppes to get some sweet, sweet epics.


Valor Points still have their place as well. For just 250 Valor points, you can add four Item Levels to a piece of Epic gear, and you can upgrade any piece twice. If you’re looking to gear up in a hurry, that’ll probably give you the most bang for your buck. Even if you don’t have anything you’d like to upgrade just yet, it’s likely more worthwhile to hang onto your Valor until you do.


Rather dive into some PvP? Perfect. Patch 5.4 brings a brand spanking new PvP season, and that means brand spanking new PvP gear. Honor Points can now be used to purchase ilvl 496 PvP gear, and Conquest Point gear starts off at 522. You can, of course, jump into Rated PvP and start earning Conquest Points at any time you like, but it’s probably wise to start off with some Random Battlegrounds to earn some Honor Gear. From the point of view of the reputation grind, you will earn 250 reputation from each of the daily quests, meaning that you will earn 1,250 reputation a day. If you get a challenge quest, then you will earn an additional 350 reputation.


Everyone likes food. Be it a raider, farmer or a person who is still leveling up. Not only is Cooking incredibly fast and cheap to level up now, but there is also a lot of profit when making useful stat food, even if you don't farm the ingredients yourself. Here's a quick tip on how to make some easy wow gold without farming or big investments, especially if you already know how to cook! Battle pets have always been a great way to make wow gold. A level 1 pet listed in the auction house does not however seem very convincing, so it should be leveled to 20-25 first. The last method I posted was mainly for farming wild pets. However, this couple is superior when you want to tackle other pet trainers and get even 10 levels per win! I'll post more pet gold making tips next, so you'll get some ideas on what to level

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