Title: What's The Best Weapon For Pandaren Monk WoW

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What's The Best Weapon For Pandaren Monk WoW


Mists of Pandaria monks are able to perform each of the three group roles via different specializations: Brewmaster monks tank, Mistweaver monks heal, and Windwalker monks deal damage with enough wow gold using melee abilities. No matter which specialization to choose for monk, a good weapon is required to become more powerful especially in PvP and PvE. What's the best weapon for pandaren monk wow ?


Monk weapons mainly focus on fist weapons and staves, but can also be able to use one-handed swords, one-handed maces, one-handed axes, and polearms. The monks don’t have any weapons per say; they’re considered a class which is unarmed. They’re weapons are their fists and feet. Monks can however ultilize weapons when performing finishing moves only.


The Best One-handed Weapons For Pandaren Monks Are:
Fist Weapons


Brewmaster tanks will wear leather gear and will use agility as their primary stat. As of now it looks as if the staff will be the weapon of choice for the Brewmaster Monk. The staff choice isn’t too surprising due to the fact that Monk’s in general will primarily be dependent on hand and foot strikes. The weapon may be more of a “stat stick” than anything else but don’t be shocked if it comes into play during a “finishing move” type of attack.


As you can see,the best weapons for pandaren monk are almost one-handed weapons. However do note that any melee classes will be unavailable to use any type of ranged weapon in the Pandaria expansion. All that shenanigans happening in the tooltip really just means that Jab deals a modified amount of weapon DPS, instead of some variation of instant weapon damage like most other abilities.There might be more powerful weapons for pandaren monk if you'd like to see the details of wow pandren guide at http://www.mmocarts.com. If you have interest, you can also buy wow gold on this site for your Christmas and New Year 2013 no ban. 

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