Title: How to Transfer Gold from Alliance to Horde in World of Warcraft Patch 5.1

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How to Transfer Gold from Alliance to Horde in World of Warcraft Patch 5.1


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To the World of Warcraft players, the wow gold is the most important wow item for them in the gold and farming game currency is a time taken and boring thing. And for most game players they will create different wow character in different faction, so could it possible for them to transfer gold from alliance to horde in world of Warcraft patch 5.1? Some game players say that wowers can transfer the game wow gold between the factions so how to do it?


There is no progress to directly transfer your wow gold from your Alliance characters to your Horde ones. The habitual work around is to get the aid of a trusted third party who has a symbol with neutral AH access. For example, your Horde character would place one item on the neutral AH through a buyout set to the purport of money you're aiming to impel across, and your Alliance character would accord. The third party the amount of riches you wish to transfer to your Horde symbol. The third party then buys the Horde strongly marked personality's item with your money. This has the potential to go wrong if the third party isn't as trustworthy considered in the state of you thought.


If you want to make it successful you need a friend you can trust in the faction and make full use of the neutral auction house. You now have to have a friend on another account help you because you can not bid on your own auctions. Your transfer will be subject to the 15% sellers’ fee that the neutral AH applies to all completed sales. Get 2 accounts or a friend you really trust on another account to help you. Buy something on the alliance/horde side that is about the price you wish to transfer. Make sure it is an Auction-able item that sells for at least what you paid for it in the faction auction house you are transferring to.


Post it in the neutral AH for 1 silver. Immediately have your friend buy it out at 1 silver. Have your friend then give the item to the ton you want to have the money transferred to. Post it in the factioned AH for the buyout you wanted to transfer or just bark it out on trade chat. This way the neutral AH commission is charged 15% on the 1 silver final sale price 15 copper. There's a couple more steps to it, but the transfer will be completed and you only lose pennies instead of gold.OR Let's say you want to transfer 1000 gold from an Alliance character to a Horde one. As the Horde character, find a worthless item. For instance, Dried Bat Blood from a Duskbat in Tirisfal Glades. Calculate the commission for the neutral AH. In the case of 15%, put the Dried Bat Blood on it for 1150 gold.


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