Title: What's the Best Race for Rogue in Mists of Pandaria

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What's the Best Race for Rogue in Mists of Pandaria


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We need to make some decisions when you make a new world of warcraft character like which class you will choose, and after you have chosen the class you need to make decision that which profession and race is suitable for your wow class. Making decision is easy but make a right decision for our wow mop character is not easy, so when you choose rogue be your wow class, which race you will choose for it?


In Mists of Pandaria, the Pandaren can be either Horde or Alliance race for all the wowers. For Alliance faction, the Humans can the one of the most useful and powerful race, here is the date about them: faction grind it can’t hurt to have it, First off is 10% spirit increase passive racial. As a rogue this is worthless. Next up, Diplomacy offers another 10% bonus, however this time it’s to faction/reputation gains, and with the entirety of the game being one massive .Dwarves have stone form as the only notable racial, and it can be especially useful in crucial PvP situations, although strangely enough this is largely a defensive racial for fighting other rogues. Night Elves most notable racial is shadowmeld, highly useful due to the ability to force stealth twice when used in combination with Vanish.


For the Horde race in Mists of Pandaria, if you are the PvP fun, Blood Elf, Undead and Orc can be the very good choice for you. Blood Elf’s are good in PvP vs spelcasters thx to their silence and magic resit witch will be added in 4.3 +their silance is good also in PvE for stopping some NPCs abilities or getting the quick 15 energy .Undead are kind design more on just PvP because of their Will of the Forsaken, but I’m sure you can find good uses for them in PvE also and they have the sweet ability to Eat Dead People. Orc are good in PvP as well as PvE they have stun reduction + bonus Atak power is also good in PvP not just PvE. To the Goblins, their Rocket jump is a forward leap, usable every 2 min, and which will break you out of stealth. It’s also a nice escape which will probably let you get behind cover and back into stealth quickly. Rocket Barrage is a short range attack that does decent damage at low levels. Increased haste is always nice Vendor discounts and summoning a personal bank won’t help you to kill things, but is nice when gold is short.


Forsaken can consume corpses for health, and can breathe underwater for a long time. Will of the Forsaken allows them to escape mind-affecting effects. For a long time, Forsaken were the best race for rogues, but changes to their abilities made them second-best Blood Elves can silence opponents with Arcane Torrent, and are good at Enchanting for wow gold. Orcs can go berserk for bonus attack power and get extra Expertise with axes. Even so, these races are less suited for the Rogue class.


To me, I think Worgen can be the best race for my world of warcraft play style in Mists of Pandaria, this race come with a sprint type ability it will be very helpful. So after you have read this article which race do you think is the best one for your rogue in Mists of Pandaria? More information about Mop 5.0 at www.mmocarts.com, what's more wow pandaria gold is hot sale here for detail information please contact us via the 24*7 live chat in the top right corner.

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