Title: Tips for How to Transfer to Different Server in Mists of Pandaria

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Tips for How to Transfer to Different Server in Mists of Pandaria

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We will always come to this situation that we have wow character in different server but sometimes you need to transfer your gold from one server to another one so can you transfer the gold to another server in world of warcraft, and if it possible for you to transfer the gold how you can transfer the game currency to another one in mists of pandaria successful and quickly?



First you need to log in mists of pandaria for the character you are going to transfer. If you need to send money to the character you will transfer, log in to your character holding the money you wish to transfer. Send the money you want to transfer to the character you want to move by mailing the money to that character. This character must be at least level 10 to be transferred. You will want to keep in mind that depending upon your character's level; there will be a limit as to how much gold can be transferred with your character. The Blizzard Paid Character Transfer FAQ page notes the gold limits as follows: "Level 10-30: 300 gold limit, Level 31-50: 1,000 gold limit, Level 51-69: 5,000 gold limit, Level 70-80: 20,000 gold limit."



And then you need to log out of wow that you have sent the transfer wow gold and log onto the character you are going to transfer. Clean out your character's mailbox and complete or cancel any auctions that are listed with this character. You will not be able to transfer your character if your character has any active auctions or mail in her mailbox. The Blizzard Paid Character Transfer FAQ page notes that if your character is a guild leader, you will need to promote someone else to guild leader before the character can be transferred.



Next come to www.worldofwarcraft.com and click the Account Managements in the top left corner, login your game account, click the "Paid Character Transfer" button and follow the on-screen directions. Finally Log in to WoW and select the realm your character was transferred to. You can view the realm list by clicking the "Change Realm" button at the top of your character list. Your transferred character will appear as normal on the new realm once the transfer has been completed, allowing you to access all of your character's information and money.



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