Title: How Fast you can Farm Honor Points in Mists of Pandaria

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How Fast you can Farm Honor Points in Mists of Pandaria


If you are a PvP fun in World of Warcraft, you should have known that the honor points are very important and useful to you. And in Mists of Pandaria, how fast you can farm the honor points in mists of pandaria? And once you got the full honor points in Mop 5.0, how can you use or spend it in world of warcraft?


First, let's talk about how to farm honor points fast in mists of pandaria .Stay near objectives, so you get the extra honor buff. Farm or bs are usually the best places in ab to gain the most honor. Do the 4 grizzly hills dailies every day, it takes about 10 mins and gets just over 200h with guild perks. This is more than you get for losing a bg. Do the random or weekly bgs, toss down a guild flagpole when it gets hot and heavy. Spec Holy and craft yourself the PvP gear. Won’t be so bad since you aren’t buying it outright. Then do Wg when it’s up, and TB when it’s up. Call to Arms weekend is key to maxing out honor. If you are someone who has limited free time to honor farm i would make plans on your schedule to do most your honor farming on the weekend when you can get the most out of battlegrounds.


A good way to gain quick honor is to do the Random Battleground each day. You will gain bonus honor, and many people do it. Because of this, you are also more likely to face people of lower skill and gear level, not just higher. When your faction controls Wintergrasp, Heroic Dungeon bosses drop Stonekeeper's Shards. These can be turned in for Wintergrasp Commendations at 30 shards each. Using a commendation (on any character, they are Bind on Account so you can gather them on one character and send them to another to use) gives 2000 honor points. just keep farming battlegrounds. at you level you can't join ''random battleground'' yet, you'll unlock that at a later level, which will give you extra honor upon winning a BG. but for now, you should just keep farming battlegrounds, because that’s all you can really do.


And how can you use or spend it in world of warcraft? Here are some steps for you: Go to the Champions' Hall in Stormwind (for the Alliance) or the Hall of Legends in Orgrimmar (for the Horde) to purchase special equipment from vendors with your honor points. Compare your stats with the rewards available and determine which will provide the biggest upgrade. For most players, the best upgrade will be to your weapon, but weapon upgrades are usually the most expensive. Purchase a Medallion of the Alliance or Medallion of the Horde. These will remove any effects that hinder your movement, which is vital in Player vs. Player.


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